How To Join

A little guide to play in an online casino.

Every different online companies has different regulations when it comes to gambling. In DSYWIN, there are only 4 simple steps!

  • STEP 1:
    Register an ID with DSYWIN!
  • STEP 2:
    Your account would have been empty in your DSYWIN wallet . Hence you'll need to do your topup with us! Once you have deposited / topup. Steps are simple, just send in a cash deposit request and we'll verify! Once verified, the credit and available bonus will be deposited into your account!
  • STEP 3:
    When you have a certain credit in your DSYWIN wallet, all you simply need to do is pick your lucky game, whether it is Sportsbet, Slot games, live casinos, cockfights or any more. All you need to do is submit a cash withdraw request.
  • STEP 4:
    Once you have submitted a cash withdraw request, upon verification. Your DSYWIN wallet will be cleared and your winnings will be directly deposited into your personal bank account within minutes!